JUNE 3, 2011

Last week I went up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Alexander McQueen retrospective, Savage Beauty. I'm not a fashion buff or something, I just have always had McQueen's peculiar brand of eccentricity on the periphery of my awareness, and knew that the good folks at the Met would put together a visually compelling presentation.

Damn son. That dude was out there, and the curation is impeccable. After a guaranteed 30+ minute wait, the crowd moves from one themed room to the next, confronting mannequins dressed in haunting examples of various shows mounted by McQueen over the years. It's the most significant art show I've seen in a museum in years, and it's composed entirely of clothes. A must see, and hard to describe.

Afterwards, we walked the 18 blocks down to the Park Avenue Armory. Japanese noise and electronic artist Ryoji Ikeda is presenting 'The Transfinite', a massive, immersive piece of projection art, at the Armory. As you enter the giant chamber that houses the work, you're invited to take off your shoes to walk onto the projection screen. Standing 59' high, you're immediately overwhelmed by the black and white patterns on the first side. Lay down.

Ryoji Ikeda: The Transfinite from mattlament on Vimeo.

The other side of the wall is a darker, data driven experience. In addition to a huge projection on the 59' wall, there are a series of smaller screens mounted on the floor down the middle of the room whose definition is so high they appear to be infinite pools of digital data, daring you to dip your fingers.

Overall, 'The Transfinite' is stunning, overwhelming, calming, and inspirational. I felt like I was swimming, or getting a massage. You owe it to yourself. Unfortunately, this exhibition only runs through next Friday, June 11.

Also, TONIGHT! Space Dimension Controller at Percussion Lab Radio, alongside Kastle, Ezekiel Honig, and Dr. Jeep! Come kick it with us outside!

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