JANUARY 5, 2012

Throwing Snow Too Polite (12”)

Local Action, 2012

2011's “Shadower” by Ross Tones, aka Throwing Snow, might have been one of my top tracks of the year. The track combined elements of house, funky and even dark elements leaning in the goth direction. I didn't hear much like it in 2011, so I'm surprised I didn't see it on more top lists of singles of the year.

Tones kicks off 2012 right with the release of Too Polite, which, in keeping with the eclecticism of "Shadower," leans more towards drum & bass than anything else. The title track starts off with a dubstep feel, but the BPM is a little higher than most tracks. Then vocals kick in with highly distorted bass (not that brostep shit) coming off more like a distorted electric bass guitar than anything programed with MIDI. The arrival of the breakbeat comes and the busy percussion alongside it build to an intense dance eruption.

The first track off the single is “Pyre” which flutters in the funky range with hypnotic keys, a chunky kick drum, sped-up vocals and clicks and pop that make the track sail.  “Equuleus” starts off like almost a downbeat track but then sets into a funky house rhythm. The sped up vocals are again a major feature, but a steady dance groove dominates the tune.

All and all this release is a very nice way to start 2012. Throwing Snow also just did a podcast for XLR8R they you should check out.

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