NOVEMBER 8, 2012

FullFridge (from the French Alps) packs new heat from Montreal's HGLDT on their eighth digital release, called "Reflections on the Void".

I last heard from HGLDT a year ago with his flip of Blind Prophet's "Got Me Thinking" (L2S070). His robust drum production caught my ear, but overall the tune failed to stick with me as time passed. Color me surpised with his new material: both tracks, "FightFlight" and "Lights", far exceed his past productions with a greater emphasis on rhythm and sound design. 

"FightFlight" unleashes a nest of sampled percussion and driving techno rhythm atop a throbbing sub that takes Blawan's sonics and Regis' disdain for humanity and wrings both dry in a fallout shelter. No melodies here - just pure, industrialized groove. HGLDT keeps things stripped with "Lights", a similarly rough and tumble tech-house tune that lends itself to an even darker setting than "FightFlight". A sheet of white noise and metallic clangs introduce dub-techno chords and panning vocal stabs, submerging the environment in a bleakness not unlike Shackleton's most recent excursions. HGLDT doesn't demonstrate as strong a purpose as Sir Shack, however; the tune loses its initial momentum to a neverending stream of brittle chord splashes - invoking Basic Channel without their warmth - and a lingering rhythm that adds more ambience, rather than groove. 

This one's a cold, cold journey, and an undeniable observation of what "the void" might sound like. Grab your scarf and take the trip yourself on November 13th FOR FREE here. A secret special remix from some local Percussion Lab brethern follows on November 20th. 

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