ambient music for head that are tired of the fiery nature of life and just want to cool down and fly away on the flames of the universe.

ambient all the way, starts of droney gets glitchy and has a few beats a long the way but comes full circle in a nice peaceful deluge of ambience.


1. The Winterhouse - Remberance of Things Past
2. Nunc Stans - The Unnamable
3. Robert Davies - Apparation
4. Matthias Grassow & Thomas Weiss - Language Of Silence
5. The Circular Ruins - Over Land And Over Water
6. Off The Sky - Ebb and Flow
7. Jason Corder & Opium - Neon Cancer Bath
8. Opium - Greenfield Campfire
9. Cymphonic - Gracilis
10. The Circular Ruins - Callibration
11. Spielerei & Mantacoup - Sfunato
12. Sgnl_fltr - Ajaara
13. Off The Sky - Polar Drift
14. Pleq - Our Words Are Frozen
15. Robert Davies - Carboniferous Mist
16. Nunc Stans - The Desert Of The Real

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