Aldous - 2012 - A Study In Black and White
1) Orcas - I Saw My Echo
2) Orcas - Until Then
3) The Boats - The Ballad Of Indecision (Humble Bee version)
4) From The Mouth of The Sun - Pools Of Rust
5) Helios - Halving The Compass (Rhian Sheehan remix)
6) Asura - Our Word For Warmth
7) Deru - Mud Pits
8) A Lull - Filthy, Wild Animals
9) Deru - Choir
10) Grizzly Bear - Sun In Your Eyes
11) Telefon Tel Aviv - The Sky Is Black
12) Apparat - Black Water (DJ Koze remix)
13) Dntel - My Orphaned Son
14) Shigeto - A Child's Mind
15) Ryan Davis - Dragonheart
16) Kettel & Secede - Fullmoon
17) The Boats - The Ballad Of Failure

Stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/FilAwsephEyez/2012...lack-and-white/
Download: http://www.divshare.com/direct/22251854-313.mp3

As with last year, I don't claim to have any authority when it comes to what is 'best,' all I can offer are the things that have deeply moved me, and I feel others would be amiss to lose out on. There are of course many many albums that I wanted to include here, and I'm sure even more that I missed out on completely, but I hope this will at least give you a taste of what my corner of this musical universe has been like this past year.

A couple of Honorable Mentions include:

The Green Kingdom - Egress (Nomadic Kids Republic)
- elegant, flowing album of incredible beauty. best listened to from end-to-end - preferably on repeat

Scissors & Sellotape - For The Tired And Ill At Ease (Facture / Fluid Audio)
- incredible, amazing, immaculate album that was released on 12/25/2011.. a little too late for last year and a little too early for this year.

Villages - Theories Of Aging (Bathetic)
- completely blown away by the quality of this album, hugely hugely recommended

Albums Included:
Orcas - Orcas (Morr Music)
The Boats - Ballads Of The Darkroom (Our Small Ideas)
From The Mouth Of The Sun - Woven Tide (Experimedia)
Helios - Remixed (Unseen Records)
Asura/Deru/A Lull - Outliers, Vol. 1: Iceland (not on label)
Grizzly Bear - Shields (Warp Records)
Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds EP (BPitch Control)
Apparat - Candil de la Calle EP (Mute Records)
Dntel - Aimlessness (Pampa Records)
Shigeto - Lineage (Ghostly International)
Ryan Davis - Particles of Bliss (Traum Schallplatten)
Kettel & Secede - When Can (Sending Orbs)
The Boats - Ballads Of The Research Department (12k Records)

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