Dj Polished Solid - Top 10 2010 Albums Mix
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We are starting off the year with a series of Best of 2010 sets. The Best 2010 Albums (Top 10) is the 2nd set of 4. The Best 2010 Songs preceded this set, Remixes, & the Originals of the Remixes will follow.

Intro // A Cosmic Drama - Flying Lotus [Warp]
Cognitive Behaviour - Maddslinky [Tru Thoughts]
Better Than - Jammer [Big Dada]
Pickled! - Flying Lotus [Warp]
Humming Birds - Teebs [Brainfeeder]
Appli Hi - Lone [Werk Discs]
Further Away Featuring Tawiah - Maddslinky [Tru Thoughts]
..And The World Laughs With You Feat. Thom Yorke - Flying Lotus [Warp]
Levels - Bilal [Plug Research]
Locked Inside - Janelle Monáe [Bad Boy]
Do The Astral Plane - Flying Lotus [Warp]
Function Of Your Love - Jimmy Edgar [!K7]
In My Colour - Jimmy Edgar [!K7]
It Was U - Maddslinky [Tru Thoughts]
Back To The 90's - Jammer [Big Dada]
One Twenty Detail - Jimmy Edgar [!K7]
To Be With a Person You Really Dig - Lone [Werk Discs]
Nose Art - Flying Lotus [Warp]
Hiding Place Featuring Tawiah - Maddslinky [Tru Thoughts]
Don't Play With Me - Jammer [Big Dada]
Endlessly - Lone [Werk Discs]
10 Man Roll feat. Boy Better Know - Jammer [Big Dada]
All Matter - Bilal [Plug Research]
Jealousy - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson [Mochilla]
Reminisce feat. Bilal - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson [Mochilla]
Arcade - Lone [Werk Discs]
Why Like This? - Teebs [Brainfeeder]
Neon Valley Street - Janelle Monáe [Bad Boy]
Tightrope Feat. Big Boi - Janelle Monáe [Bad Boy]
Moments - Teebs [Brainfeeder]
Flying - Bilal [Plug Research]
Double Fifths - Teebs [Brainfeeder]
The Dollar - Bilal [Plug Research]
BaBopBye Ya - Janelle Monáe [Bad Boy]
Suite III Overture - Janelle Monáe [Bad Boy]
Stakes Is High feat. Talib Kweli & Posdnuos - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson [Mochilla]

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Artifact says:
This is an amazing mix, and I love the drops you make. Thank you!
over 5 years ago

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