Erwtenpeller - War of the Worlds
A dubstep mix retelling Jeff Wayne's musical version of war of the worlds, sampling the original narratives by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex,

CHAPTER 1: The Arrival
1. Starkey - Drip (Creative Space)
2. Actraiser - Treasures Of The Deep (Unreleased)
3. Quantum Soul - Babylon I keep down (Z Audio)
4. Sykotic - Sykotic Stomp (Unreleased)
5. Distance - Fallen (Planet Mu)

CHAPTER 2: Massacre of Mankind
6. Bullet Bill - Within Range (Unreleased)
7. LeBelgeElectrod - Three Pitting of Syringe (www.electrobel.be)
8. Substep Infrabass - Voices from God (Bass Punch Records)
9. Rakoon - Cloacking Device (Bass Punch Records)
10. 16 bit - PCP (Urban Essential Records)
11. LeBelgeElectrod - Because they don't exist (www.electrobel.be)

CHAPTER 3: The Earth belonged to the martians.
12. Distance - Loosen My Grip (Planet Mu)
13. Reso - Holograms (Pitch Black)
14. Black Sun Empire - Cold Crysis (Shadows of the Empire)
15. Netrik - Slime Factory (Unreleased)
16. Distance - Ska (Planet Mu)
17. Suspect & DoomTrooper - Feral Child (Prime Audio)
18. Genetic Krew - Stone (Bass Punch Records)

CHAPTER 4: Brave New World
19. Distance - Skeleton Grin (Planet Mu)
20. LeBelgeElectrod - Life is a Wobble Bass (www.electrobel.be)
21. Suspicious Stench - I am what I am (Suspicious Stench)
22. Bar 9 - Pussyhole (Juno Records)
23. Caspa - I beat my robot (subsoldiers)
24. Disonata - Alpha & The Omega (Unreleased)
25. rdubz - Danger (Bass Punch Records)

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chris says:
Turns out it was my headphones. Sorry about that. I can't stop listening to this, it's really effin' good. I love the idea, it's a perfect fit. I wish more stories were told like this
almost 6 years ago
chris says:
Really cool idea but the inconsistency with the levels is so frustrating. grrr
almost 6 years ago
jayphex says:
awesome -downloading this now. could someone do this to the orson welles radio broadcast? (this is my favourite thing in all the world).
almost 6 years ago
SPhibbs says:
One of the best mixes from the last year.
almost 6 years ago

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