Hecq - Exclusive Dj Mix
Ben Lukas Boysen a.k.a. Hecq is a Hymen Record favourite and is currently based in Berlin.

Under the Hecq moniker, he composes hauntingly memorable motifs, captivating his listeners with a combination of twisted beats that seamlessly unfurl into unbridled cinematic songwriting. His fifth release, Steeltongue, was released on on Hymen in 2009, and accompanies a mini-EP with releases by Lusine, Solar X, Venetian Snares and Snog, and others.

Be sure to check out his latest music video, along with Exillion - Spheres of Fury

We're delighted to feature Hecq's sublimely dark, exclusive mix for this week's featured Percussion Lab set.



01:    Biosphere - Deviation
02:    Terry Riley - The Harp Of New Abion (Excerpt)
03:    BJ Nilsen - Scientia (Excerpt)
04:    Stuart Dempster - Conch Calling
05:    Krzysztof Penderecki - Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima (Excerpt)
06:    Set Fire To Flames - Teheran In Seizure / Telegraphs In Negative
07:    Richard Devine - Carry Completition Sensing
08:     Pan Sonic - CSG-Sonic
09:    Alfred Schnittke - Concerto Grosso No.1 - VI
10:    Loren Dent - Winter During Wartime
11:    Navicon Torture Technologies - I Want To Commit A Crime Of Passion
12:    Black To Comm - Musik Für Alle
13:    Arvo Pärt - Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten (Excerpt)
14:    Kreng - Mythobarbical
15:    Elegi - Svanesang (Excerpt)
16:    Sofia Gubaidulina - Orechestral Music Pt.1 (Excerpt)
17:     Godspeed You Black Emperor - Providence (Excerpt)
18:    Machinefrabriek - Stofstuk (Greg Haines Remix) (Excerpt)
19:    Illusion Of Safety & jim O'rourke - Probe Pt.2 (Excerpt)
20:    Murcof - Spring In An Artificial Garden (Excerpt)
21:    Valenrin Silvestrov - Requiem For Larissa / Largo (Edited)
22:    Hans Otte - Wassermusik Pt.2
23:     Goldmund - As (Edited)

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Stef says:
I loved this. I only wish it were longer... I still have a couple of hours of studying to do.
about 4 years ago
Jfrequency says:
B L Boysen.... What a great set!!
about 4 years ago
Swen says:
Thanks for a nice mix. It moved me and got me thinking: Sadness is the only way to see happiness.
over 5 years ago
Jared says:
over 6 years ago
Dignan says:
very moving. enjoyed very much.
over 6 years ago
rj valeo says:
this looks like a wonderful listen. can't wait to wrap my ears around it.
over 6 years ago
Fonaak says:
super. thank u!
over 6 years ago
Praveen says:
over 6 years ago
Sougwen says:
over 6 years ago
Sean says:
cool thanks!
over 6 years ago
Kidatari says:
...nice one
over 6 years ago

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