Hudson Mohawke - Live on BTS Radio
At the age of 15, Birchard (under the name DJ Itchy) was the youngest ever UK DMC finalist.[4][5] His earliest gigs as a club DJ were with Glasgow University's Subcity Radio[6][7][8] where he first appeared as part of the culture city kids show and later as part of other shows including Turntable Science with Pro Vinylist Karim and Cloudo's Happy Hardcore show. Birchard became Hudson Mohawke after seeing the name engraved on a statue in the hallway of his accommodation.[9][10] Alongside friend and affiliate Rustie, Hudson Mo is a purveyor of the hip-hop/electronic offshoot that is sometimes known as aqua-crunk or wonky, although Hudson does not accept these labels.[11] Hudson Mo was signed to Warp Records despite a very limited track record of official releases; in fact, the bulk of his releases were unofficial tracks and DJ mixes circulated on the Internet.[12] His first official release to get major notice was Entitled "Spotted" On the Rush Hour Beat Compilation Beat dimensions Vol 1 which then lead to a release entitled"Free Mo", a track on the Ubiquity Records various-artists compilation Choices, Vol. 1 (2007); subsequently, he was featured as a remixer on Choices, Vol. 2 (2007). In 2008 his 12" EP Ooops! on LuckyMe/Wireblock became an underground sensation, particularly once word spread of his recording contract with Warp

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