Max Pearl - A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Feature Mix
Max Pearl is one of our favorite Brooklyn transplants. While running the smart-as-fuck Cluster Mag website, or djing on the reg at the ACE Hotel, he up and started a label. Aimed at avoiding the disposability of the consistent hype cycles, Sci-Fi & Fantasy's catalog will "feature music rooted in NYC's rich rhythmic history, music with soul and integrity."

And this mix is a good example what that means to Max and his crew. In 45 minutes, the mix blends the old and new tunes and sets a high expectation for good things to come.

Darling Farah – Crown [Civil Music]
NeferTT – Blue Skies Red Soil [Hotflush]
Octave One - I Need Release (Alexander Kowalski Remix) [430 West Records]
Waze & Odyssey - Ride My Junk [Body Work]
Denise Motto – Tell Jack (Jack the House) [Trax Records]
The Dance Kings – Climb the Walls [Dance Mania]
Jimmy Edgar – Too Shy [Hotflush]
???? - ?????
Max McFerren – Fuk U [Unreleased]
Max Pearl – No Swiping [Unreleased]
Coni – Luz in Pool [ClekClekBoom]
Doctor Jeep – Jus Do You [Unreleased]
Aux 88 – Alias [Puzzlebox Records]
Detek – The Shocker [Unreleased]
XXX – XXX [Forthcoming Sci-Fi & Fantasy]

You can catch Max alongside a stellar lineup (incl. Dubbel Dutch, DJ Manny, TURBOTAX, and more) at their party this Saturday @ 285 Kent in Brooklyn.

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Dignan says:
that tracklist is right up my alley
over 3 years ago

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